White Papers

The Growing Importance of GHG Emissions Inventory, Carbon Footprinting and Independent Verification

Today climate change, greenhouses gases (GHG) and global warming are front page issues the world over. The scientific understanding of climate change is now sufficiently clear to justify taking prompt action. As a result, and for environmental, ethical and economic reasons, governments, businesses and individuals are responding to this challenge by attempting to quantify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Ensuring the Accuracy of Your Emissions Information

Verification of GHG emissions from your installation for mandatory reporting purposes.

Solving waste oil management and removal problems in power generating plants

Paying higher than needed costs for waste oil disposal, filtration and water treatment due to these limitations is unacceptable. How can you solve waste oil management and removal problems without breaking the budget? Read on.

Using Data Loggers to Meet LEED Existing Building Certification Credits

Green building is no longer a small niche industry in the United States. Energy engineers, energy auditors, building commissioners, project managers, architects and designers all recognize that energy and resource-efficient approaches to construction and operation not only make better and more responsible use of materials and energy, they usually save money in the long run.

Understanding the requirements for IBC seismic-compliant power systems

It is important for standby power systems to function after a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or even a terrorist attack. In particular, critical-needs facilities—such as hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency shelters, power plants, airports, government facilities, and communications and operations centers—require standby power systems that have been specifically engineered to withstand physical shocks and multi-axis accelerations typical of these disruptive occurrences.

How Green is Your Gearbox?

Rising energy costs and concerns about global warming are at the forefront of today’s news. Turn to local or national TV programming, browse the internet or read the paper and one can find numerous stories about the seemingly irreversible energy costs and the subsequent impact that these costs have on simply doing business. As a result, we as individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the cost of energy and we are being introduced to a variety of methods and/or products that will minimize the impact of these costs.

Installing Fieldbus

Many automation engineers are coming face to face with real fieldbus applications for the first time. Fieldbus (the use of digital communications networks for distributed instrumentation and control) is a wonderful technology with many benefits, but fieldbus installation requires some additional considerations over and above normal 4-20mA projects. In this article, we will discuss some of those issues, and show you how to deal with them.

Crossing the Green Divide

Ways to channel your team's passion for greening into actions for your bottom line. What was once regarded as a passing trend has now become a business imperative. People care about the impact they make on the environment, but their actions at work are not always aligned. Companies that can tap into this passion and cross the divide between greening attitudes and actions in the workspace stand to reap sizeable benefits.

Dealing With The ATEX Directive

Negotiating the maze of national and international rules and regulations can baffle a product manager.